Producer, Audio Engineer

R= Recorded, M= Mixed, P= Produced, CP= Co Produced

Afro Zuma (R,M,CP)

All Wave (R,M)

An Dro (R,M)

Atlantic (R,M,P)

Badanya (R,M)

Bangups (R,M,CP)

Bella Ruse (R,M)

Ben Kyle (R,M)

Bennett (R,M,CP)

Between Brains (R,M)

Brave Youth (M)

Brian Wheat (R,M)

Cadillac Sky (R,M)

Caleb Groh (R,M)

Canasta (R,M)

Caravan of Thieves (R,M)

Chain of Lakes (R,M)

Chamberlin (R,M)

Charles The Osprey (R,M)

Chris Bathgate (R,M)

Cotton Jones (R,M)

Crossroads Bible Church (R,M,CP)

Dana Falconberry (R,M)


Field Report (R,M)

Fort Frances (R,M)

Frontier Ruckus (R,M)

Ghost Heart (R,M)

gregory and the hawk (R,M)

Heavier Than Air Flying Machines (R,M)

Hezekiah Jones (R,M)

husband & wife (R,M)

Igby Iris (R,M)

In Tall Buildings (R,M)

Ivan & Alyosha (R,M)

James And The Drifters ( R,M,CP )

Jared and Alisha Gregory ( M )

Kalispell (R,M)

Ken Reynolds (R,M)

Kevin Killen (R,M)

Kevin Max (DC Talk , Audio Adrenaline) (R,M,CP)

Little Village (R,M)

Lucas Wilson (R,M)

Matt Bauer and Dana Falconberry (R,M)

Michael Sweet (of Stryper) (R)

Momcat (R,M,CP)

Mr. Gnome (R,M)

Newsboys (R)

Nidal (R,M,CP)

Old Lights (R,M)

Paleface (R,M)

Patrick Watson (R,M)

Pure Michigan (M)

Resurrection Life Church (M)

Ribbons of Song (R,M)

Roosevelt Diggs (R,M,P)

Samantha CrainSean Hoots (R,M)

Shannon Stephens (R,M)

Small Houses (R,M)

Small Sins (R,M)

Soil and the Sun (R,M)

Surfer Blood (R,M)

The Go Rounds (R,M)

The Great American Desert (R,M)

The Head and The Heart (R,M)

The Kohkohs (R,M,CP)

The Mercy Wheel (R,M)

The Paths (R,M,CP)

The Real Lazy Genius (R,M)

The StereoFidelics (R,M)

The Wallace Collective (R,M,CP)

The Wooden Sky (R,M)

Tokyo Morose (R,M)

Tyler Butler (R,M)

Under The Sun(R,M,CP)

Valentiger (R,M)

White Pines (R,M)

Wooden People (R,M,P)